What’s my website about?

First off, thanks for visiting my page!

This site is to help broadcast who I am, and if there are any potential employers out there wondering who I am, this is a good place to start. I'm pretty transparent and the social media I often use are linked on here. I also have a short bio available below.

But simply put, I'm a pretty happy guy and eager to try new things. I'm always open to learning and consider myself a lifelong student.

Mahalo again for visiting!

Short Bio

My name is Joei Gomez. I am a Leeward Community College graduate and currently, a student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s Shidler Business College . I am in school for a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems. I also have some background in digital media and IT support. During my time at Leeward, I earned digital media certificates in Web Architecture and Web Design. I have also earned ICS certificates in Web Science and Help Desk Support.

At Leeward Community College, I also worked as a student hire since 2011 under the Information Technology Group. ITG is the IT department of Leeward. I worked as a Help Desk Aide serving the faculty, staff, and students of the campus. In September 2014, I also worked as a computer support tech at the College of Education at UH Manoa.

Most recently in 2016, I worked as a contractor for Hawaiian Telcom and worked as a CARE Agent where I provided tier 1 tech support for telephone, internet, and TV services. After my contract was completed, I worked as a temp for Central Pacific Bank’s IT department as Help Desk Support.

Outside of my regular academic studies, I am the Fall 2017 Director of Human Resources for Shidler’s Financial Management Association (FMA). FMA is a student club for those who are either studying finance or have an interest in finance. Off campus, I am a member of the Hawaii Junior Chamber where I serve as the Marketing and Communications Vice-President for the Hawaii Kai Jaycees chapter. I have also been recognized with an Outstanding Chapter Officer Award and Brownfield Memorial Award for the state of Hawaii at the 2017 Hawaii Jaycees Mid-Year Convention.

Overall, I try to live life with sincerity and enthusiasm.


PictureI am a bit of a tech geek. I love playing with computers, learning how they work, playing with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and I enjoy sharing what I know with others. But I do like to unplug occasionally.

When I can, I try to go hiking, or do stuff outside. I love both the sunshine and cold over cast weather. For lazy days, rainy days are fun. But with sunshine, I feel, so energized that I cannot, but help to be happy outside. I love how Hawaii's weather is almost perfect everyday, except of course when the vog comes in.

If I am indoors I do enjoy reading, writing a journal, listening to music, watching Doctor Who, or watching new Youtube artist videos.

In the Spring semester of 2015, I was in UH Manoa's concert band. During that semester I played the Euphonium. At that time, I also took the Gagaku Ensemble course. Although, I may no longer be taking the class as a regular student, I come by to help support and participate with the class. In this group, I play the Ryuteki. I also hope to learn the Hichiriki.

If you're interested, I have a small gallery of pics I took of the Gagaku group I'm in. Click GAGAKU to access the gallery . I also have some pics of hikes I've done. Click HIKES for that gallery.